Paydens News


Published Date: 28 Apr 2022

Here at Paydens, we like green and with the appointment of our new Fleet Manager Nick Green, we have high hopes to improve further our green credentials.

Making the switch to electric vehicles is high on the agenda and quite the challenge, but one we are keen to tackle today. Our first step has been to replace all of our company cars with Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. Originally due for delivery back in February 2022 and with our new charging points installed and ready, we are excitedly awaiting their arrival!

We are also making use of specialist tracking devices and routing software on our prescription delivery vans to help us gather valuable data. By looking at individual mileage and range requirements for each of our branch vehicles, alongside local charging infrastructure, it will enable us to kick start our switch to electric miles; one van at a time.

Over the coming year, we hope to improve and consolidate our delivery routes, reducing the number vehicles on the road, reducing our weekly mileage rates and ultimately reducing our emissions.

Our focus is not solely on electrifying our road miles, we have many other green initiatives on the go. Back in 2014 we made the switch to renewable electricity across the whole of the Paydens Group and since then as we refit or update our branches, we are steadily working towards the replacement of fluorescent tube lighting with LED’s and old gas heating with air conditioning units.

The old solar voltaic tubes installed back in 2009 to heat the hot water at our Head Office, are also due for an upgrade to make full use of our available roof space and help us operate the building in a more sustainable way.

We love a bit of recycling too – we obviously do all of the usual paper, carboard, plastic bottles, drink cans and toner cartridges but our IT team are proving to be rather green fingered too. We either dismantle our old computer kit and find new homes for useable components, or it is sent off to a specialist company to be fully recycled. We source reconditioned but high spec IT equipment, and rehome them in our pharmacies and offices while repairing as many of our printers and peripherals as we can, before they are added to the WEEE recycling pile.

 All of this doesn’t just happen, it needs everyone in the Paydens Group to think green thoughts, consider the way that we work and how we plan future projects. So we introduced our Green Pledge. We’ve asked all of our branches, care homes and head office departments to come up with a list of actions that they sign up to, so that they can play their part in reducing our energy consumption and the waste that we generate. From simple actions such as turning off lights, to walking to work, those small changes to our daily routine, really can make that difference.