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Published Date: 29 Feb 2024

We have heard of this before in other areas but it seems to have resurfaced, so we wanted to make you aware. Yesterday, one of our customers was targeted by a scam caller. The caller was phoning people pretending to be one of our medication delivery drivers.
What happened...
We received a call from a patient in the Chichester area reporting a scam caller. She was asked for a time in which she would like her medication delivered out to her today from the 'chemist' and if she could give for her card details over the phone in order to pay for her subscription for her medication. She thinks it was an 0800 number, the scam caller was a lady and occurred around 11.30am.
Thankfully our customer knows that our pharmacy does not arrange delivery times and she did not give her card details out.
Please be on your guard.
There's lots of helpful info on the Governments website too...